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Sugar Savvy Body Sugaring only uses the BEST Quality Products for our clients. Our Sugar & Co. sugar paste is all-Canadian, made locally in London, Ontario. It contains all natural ingredients, free of harsh chemicals and parabens. The paste is made in small batches to ensure that each jar is perfect every time. The paste is water-soluble and environmentally friendly!

Pre- and post-care recommendations

Please read the following recommendations to get the most out of your sugaring service:

​Before your appointment:

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For optimal results, we ask that you have at least two weeks of hair growth for underarms and one month of growth for other areas that you would like sugared.

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If you are booking an appointment for legs, you are welcome to bring a pair of shorts.

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For gentlemen booking back and/or chest services, we ask that you bring a fresh cotton shirt as this will help reduce irritation.

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Heavy body butters, lotions, oils and deodorant are not recommended to be used 24 hours before services as the sugar will not adhere to the area as well.

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It is recommended that you do not sunbathe or use a tanning bed for 48 hours prior to or after any treatment.

After your appointment:

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Avoid exfoliating and using lotions for at least 24 hours. If you use a loofah to exfoliate, we suggest keeping it dry.

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Due to the dry winter season, we suggest moisturizing regularly.

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If your skin is more sensitive, you may experience redness. This reaction is normal, and most commonly disappears within an hour after treatment.

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